It is our mission to embrace and value every child who comes to our camp regardless of race, religious beliefs, social or economical background, by providing a Christ-like environment of love, acceptance, hope, joy and family, and to instill and demonstrate Christ-like values of sharing, caring, serving, and loving others in order to make each child feel special and that their life is of great worth, while making this week of camp the most memorable and life-changing week of their summer.
2024 Theme
Scuba - Diving into friendship with God
Journey with us beneath the waves at Counting on God Camp this summer as we "Scuba - Diving into Friendship with God". Our adventure brings to light the endless depths of God's love and companionship. As explorers of the deep, campers will learn to trust God's guidance as they navigate the mysterious undersea world.

We'll discover the vibrant coral reefs of friendship, faith, and fellowship along the way. With group games, immersive lessons, and creative crafts, each day will be sure to uncover new treasures of knowledge, understanding and fun! Join us!

*Parents of children with special needs, please note: For the safety and well-being of your child with special needs, you will need to provide a responsible person, 16 years old or older,  to accompany them  from start to finish each day.
June 11 - June14
2020 Theme